An analysis of a deeper understanding of the cast

Jan 20, Movie Analysis:

An analysis of a deeper understanding of the cast

This paper offers an analysis of the character animation in Tangled to develop a deeper understanding of how Disney has approached the extension of their traditional aesthetic into the CG medium. It should be noted that frame counts used in this paper will vary from the original production.

This being an unfortunate by-product of the digital encoding for DVD release and subsequent re-encoding and manipulation to allow me to step through the film frame-by-frame. This is not a major concern for this analysis as the frame count is used to simply highlight the variation in timing for the character movement as it appears on screen and not intended to be an accurate record of the exact frame count used by the animator during production.

An analysis of a deeper understanding of the cast

Synopsis A single drop of sunlight falls from the heavens and from it grows a magical golden flower. An old woman, Mother Gothel, learns of the magical properties of the flower and for centuries uses its power to retain her youth.

One day, while pregnant, the queen of a nearby kingdom falls ill and the flower is used to restore her and her unborn child, Rapunzel, to health.

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When Rapunzel is born, the magical properties of the flower are embodied in her hair. Mother Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel and locks her in a tower deep in the forest. On her birthday each year, Rapunzel is able to see floating lights in the night sky from her tower window.

Rapunzel longs to see the floating lights unaware that they are actually floating lanterns released by her family and the community in memory of the lost princess. Rapunzel convinces Eugene to take her to see the floating lanterns and so they embark on a journey to the castle at the centre of the city.

Mother Gothel discovers Rapunzel has left the tower for the city. Shortly after her return to the tower, Rapunzel figures out that she is the lost princess.

Flynn escapes prison with the help of some thugs that Rapunzel befriended on their journey. He returns to rescue Rapunzel from the tower only to be stabbed by Mother Gothel.

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Without the magic of the golden flower, Mother Gothel ages rapidly turning to dust while Flynn, unable to be healed, dies from his wound. In her grief, Rapunzel sheds a single tear, which unknown to Rapunzel carries the magical properties of the original flower.

As a Disney animator sinceGlen Keane had the opportunity to receive training from animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston who were the progenitors of the fundamental principles of animation as documented in their text The Illusion of Life: In response to this requirement, Keane called a meeting with both 2D and 3D Disney animators to discuss the pros and cons of the two mediums.

From that meeting it was decided that they would go ahead and create the film using 3D CG animation but do so in such a way as to become an extension of the traditional 2D Disney aesthetic.

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In order to achieve this extension of the Disney aesthetic, there was a need to develop new creative processes and technologies that would allow the animators to use the 3D medium in a more traditional way. Another significant aesthetic element of Tangled is the overall art direction, which was inspired from previous Disney films such as Pinocchio Norman Ferguson and T.

As the first Disney fairy tale hero to be designed in CG, the artists were careful not to make Flynn Rider appear too mechanical. By relaxing his expressions the design is able to remain angular yet fit within the soft rounded world created for Tangled.

Cinderella on the other hand achieves a comfortable and intimate world through the use of flowing lines arranged in rhythms that create graceful and appealing compositions. Analysis As previously stated, the visual style of Tangled is the result of a deliberate effort to extend the traditional Disney aesthetic to the CG medium.

Disney style animation typically adheres to the 12 Principles of Animation as described in The Illusion of Life: According to Bishko 13 these principles of animation are not complete movement concepts and their application can result in formulaic animation that relies upon specific movement patterns.

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At times there are clearly identifiable movement patterns appropriated from the 2D medium in Tangled. Guard is taken by surprise. He anticipates turning around by moving in a downward motion. There is some subtle squashing of the head. There is some stretching of the head. He settles into the final resting position having now completed the action of turning around in response to his surprise.

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