Flip flop flap

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Flip flop flap

The first series he was to produce was to feature a character called Tony the Frog, but Iwerks disliked the name and it was subsequently changed to Flip.

Ub Iwerks planned to release the series in both color and black and white versions through Celebrity Productions, Inc. These shorts were exhibited in England in color, but not in the United States where they were made.

Flip flop flap

They agreed to exhibit Fiddlesticks and Flying Fists. Little Orphan Willie and Puddle Pranks were never copyrighted and remain in the public domain. MGM decided to produce the series entirely in black and white, releasing the ones produced in color in black and white versions only.

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Some have speculated that Techno-Cracked may have been photographed in Cinecolor. The Cinecolor process was a new two-strip color process that came out inthe year that to the two-strip Technicolor process was discontinued in favor of their new three-strip process.

Iwerks would go on to make extensive use of Cinecolor with his ComiColor Cartoon series. Iwerks' studio quickly began accumulating new talent, such as animators Fred KopietzIrv SpenceGrim Natwickand Chuck Jones who worked at the Iwerks studio as a cel-washer before going on to inbetweening and then animating at the Leon Schlesinger studio.

After the first two cartoons, the appearance of Flip the Frog gradually became less froglike. This was done under the encouragement of MGM, who thought that the series would sell better if the character were more humanized.

Flip's major redesign is attributed to Grim Natwick, who made a name for himself at the Fleischer Studios with the creation of Betty Boop. Natwick also had a hand in changing Flip's girlfriend. In earlier films, she was consistently a cat, but Natwick made Flip's new girlfriend, Fifi, a human who shared distinct similarities with Betty even down to her spit curls.

The frog's personality also began to develop. As the series progressed, Flip became more of a down-and-out, Chaplin-esque character who always found himself in everyday conflicts surrounding the poverty-stricken atmosphere of the Great Depression.

In Room RunnersFlip, out of cash and luck, attempts to sneak out of his hotel in order to avoid paying his past-due rent. Another gag has Flip watch a girl taking a shower through a keyhole.

In The Office Boyreleased the same year, Flip tries to secure a low-level office job and meets a shapely secretary. At one point in the short, a mischievous mouse that Flip tries to apprehend scoots up the secretary's skirt. While investigating in a Chinese laundryFlip stumbles into an opium deninhales the stuff via opium pipe, and begins hallucinating.

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