Maths statistics practice questions

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Maths statistics practice questions

The mean of 24 numbers is If 3 is added to each number, what will be new mean.? The mean of 20 numbers is If 6 is substracted from each of the numbers,what will be new mean?

The mean of 15 numbers is If each numbers is multiplied by 4,what will be new mean? The mean weight of 6 boys in a group is 48 kg.

The individual weights of five of them are 51kg, 45kg, 49kg, 46kg, and 44kg. Find the weight of the sixth boy.

Maths statistics practice questions

The mean of the marks scored by 50 students was found to be Later on it was found that a score of 43 was misread as Find the correct mean. The mean of items was found to be Later on it was found that two of the items were misread as26 and 9 instead of 36 and 90 respectively.

A cricketer has a mean score of 58 runs in 9 innings. Find out how many runs are to be scored by him in the tenth innings to raise the mean score to The mean of 25 observations is If the mean of the first 13 observations is 32 and that of the last 13 observations is 39, find the 13th observation.

A batsman in his 12th innings makes a score of 63 runs and thereby increase his average score by 2, what is his average after the 12th innings? The mean of 31 observations is If the mean of the first 16 observations is 58 and that of the last 16 observations is 62, find the 16th observation. The heights of 72 plants in a garden are given below:Built on maths, these tests are often written in the context of everyday business Assessment Centre Tips · Timed Test Simulations · Developed by Experts · Instant Access 24/7Courses: Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Diagrammatic Reasoning.

Statistics. There is a great selection of lessons on mean, median, mode, and other topics. Exercises are designed for 4th grade through 8th grade students looking for a better understanding of statistics. Hundreds of free easy mathematics tricks and simple tips by mathematics magic of calculations using vedic maths sutras or shortcuts formulas plus puzzles riddles.

Free Statistics Practice Tests Our completely free Statistics practice tests are the perfect way to brush up your skills. Take one of our many Statistics practice tests for a run-through of commonly asked questions.

Maths statistics practice questions

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